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40 Years of Experience

Get knowledgeable and honest advice and service from our team at North Central Truck Parts.

North Central Truck Parts and Repairs

North Central Truck Parts Ltd. in Prince George is your auto parts specialist. We provide truck parts and repairs for 1 ton and smaller Ford, GMC, and Dodge 1500 – 5500 series pickup trucks. With extensive knowledge of these 3 truck brands, our 3 counter staff  have 30 years of experience each to answer any and all of your questions instantly.

Protecting the environment through strict business practices is one of our main concerns. Through our auto recycling program , we help keep pollutants, scrap metal, and usable truck parts out of the landfills. By responsibly disposing of used vehicles, we can help take a huge strain off of the environment.


Certified Automotive Recycler

Pickup Truck Repairs

Whether you want assistance in a transmission repair or are looking simply to change your oil, we can help!

We Carry a Complete Line of Used and Aftermarket Parts!

From completely new treads to rotation and maintenance services, we’ve got your repair needs covered!

Locally Owned and Operated

Since 1981, our company has worked hard to become Prince George’s premier choice for used auto parts.

Truck Repairs

With our mechanical repairs , your vehicle will be fixed right the first time. If you hear a rattling or your truck doesn’t seem to be driving right, our diagnostic services will get to the root of the problem and provide a cost-effective repair plan. Schedule an annual maintenance appointment to ensure your truck keeps running at top-grade. Our master certified diesel technician has over 22 years of experience, guaranteeing the best care for your truck.

Truck Parts

We provide new and used parts for your Ford, GMC, or Dodge pickup truck. Whether you’re looking to replace a part with a new equivalent or are trying to find an aftermarket part, we carry a large inventory to satisfy any customer in the market to fix up their truck.

Don’t let the word used dissuade you! Sometimes a used part may be the better option for your truck. A shiny new part from a manufacturing line may not have the same quality as a used part taken from a locally recycled truck.