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Our History

North Central Trucks Parts Ltd. is a Canadian company in Prince George, BC. Established in 1981 by Mike Mosdell, the company was made to supply GMC, Ford, and Dodge pickup parts.

Through sustained research and strict guidelines of environmental practices, North Central Truck Parts has grown over the past 40 years to become the premier choice for customers wanting to purchase the highest quality pickup parts. We strive to give the highest level of customer service in the industry and are well known for selling parts on time as described. Our counter staff have over 90 years – 30 years each! – combined service to better serve you.


Certified Automotive Recycler

Our Philosophy

Good service builds good customers, and good customer service keeps customers coming back time and time again. Our attitude is customer service and we are proud to tell you, “This is a quality product and we are pleased that we can serve you as a customer.” You will receive respect, service, and quality from us day in and day out.

Environmentally Conscious

Platinum Certified

Choosing to use recycled parts has a significant effect on the environment. Building new parts requires extensive energy and uses a lot of oil in the creation and transportation of the parts. At North Central Truck Parts, we buy parts from damaged, insured vehicles located in BC. They are purchased at a low mileage where we then test the engine and scrap the parts. The whole process has a low carbon footprint.

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Professional Affiliations

Automotive Retailers Association
Automotive Recyclers Association
Prince George Chamber of Commerce
Automotive Recycler’s Environmental Association
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